More than 1200 of high school students gathered at the Catholic University in May for the annual Artbeat Awarding Ceremony





Once again, SCAD brings you Artbeat, the annual arts challenge for Kenyan youth in high schools. As usual, we have five categories-Music/Rap, Creative Writing (essays), Artwork, Spoken Word and Dance. We are introducing new measures and conditions in 2015, which are compulsory unless stated otherwise Important things to note The theme, date and location for... Continue Reading →

What’s in Kajiado?

Today, we share with you, from one of our Project Coordinators, what and how life has been like in Kajiado. We have a program running on the ares since 2014, through to 2016. Here's what she had to say. So, how has life in Kajiado been? It’s been different from what I’m used to. Elaborate... Continue Reading →


For any community worker, interacting with their target, and sharing knowledge and experience is one of the most fulfilling things. When the interaction leads to a positive change of life, especially for their target, the heavens open and smile. The core mandate of every community worker is promotion of social change and development, cohesion and... Continue Reading →


“Your honour, I wish to call upon my third and final witness” the advocate bellowed, summoning the witness to the dock. After taking an oath, he prodded. Please tell this court what happened on that night of the promenade concert. So the witness started; “It was on Friday last week at 6pm when my boyfriend... Continue Reading →

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