Girls’ Empowerment

Today, the world has 1.1 billion girls, most of who face numerous challenges; civil and sexual violence, unequal socio-economic and political opportunities, substance use, mental health, early pregnancy and marriage among others. Despite remarkable improvements in reducing these issues, more needs to be done. Investing in interventions that remedy the situation is essential.

Students Campaign Against Drugs (SCAD), a non profit organization collaborates with students in implementing Artbeat, an expressive arts project for health education and promotion, targeting substance use, HIV, mental health, Non-Communicable Diseases and Gender Based Violence. St Anne's Lioki Girls Dancers.jpg Led by health clubs (SCAD clubs) in schools, the project spurs creativity, communication, teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, imagination among other 21st century skills. In the project, students compete in music, creative writing, artwork, dance and spoken word.
Designed in a competition format, the Artbeat project exposes girls’ creativity and energy, their wit and sublimity. it is a true manifestation that girls can, when empowered, and given the opportunities to shine and excel. No better way shows this than girls’ schools winning the overall Utamaduni trophy since 2015. It always is a joy when they excel, they show tenacity and zeal in having better performances thereby winning. The mentality of a champion, is something we constantly instill in girls. St George's Girls with the Utamaduni trophy_1859
To all the girls in the world today, as we celebrate you and take stock of your contribution to Artbeat, regardless of location or situation; irrespective of age colour, religion or education; you are strong and powerful, courageous and conquorous, a champion. You have the ability to surmount any obstacle along your path; the capacity to change the world and fill it with passion and unbounded love, to make it a better place for us all. You need only unlock your potential.
At SCAD we work to collaborate with you in unlocking your potential; building your resilience against challenges and adversity; enabling you reach out to other girls and lift them above the oppression, instability and crisis. We dream of your future, we engage you in working towards it. We do it to succeed, have fun and network with peers, mentors, parents and society at large. Though we are unable to reach all girls through our projects, we do so through girls in our SCAD clubs.
As we mark the international Day of the Girl Child, we commit to advance the empowerment of girls before, during and after crisis. As firm believers in primary prevention, we will do what it takes, working together with young people in our SCAD clubs, to ensure that girls are well equipped to deal with any crisis should it arise. We do this for you, our champions.
Benjamin Odhiambo


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