How time flies! It seems like just the other day, when 2016 began, and now its 1st December.Today is a day we get a chance to stand with an estimated 34 million people who have a virus, that has killed 35 Million people, since 1984. These numbers represent whole populations of some countries. Think about it, a whole country/ countries wiped out because of HIV/AIDS.

The harsh reality is, every day, more people are being infected by AIDS and even more are being affected.All this, despite the strides made in the field of information and Medicine. In Kenya,for example, the HIV prevalence rate is at 6% with 1.6 Million people living with the disease and 91 350 are aged between 18-24 years.


Numbers are meant to show the gravity of the situation. There are meant to show us, we all still have a long way to go.

Numbers might be effective, but take a moment and think, do you know anyone with the disease? Do you know their story? Do you know your status? What’s your story?

Today, is the day to share! Today is the day to make a difference with just a story.



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