She lays sprawled on the floor, the ache in her body too painful to bear, she waits for the darkness to engulf her. He pulls up his trouser, sneers in disgust, picks up his coat and before he leaves turns back “Clean yourself, the kids are almost here” …..

She lies sprawled on the bed, her eyes shut so tight. The stench of alcohol overwhelms her, she holds her breathe praying that it ends soon. He grunts and sighs on top of her, not caring she is just 11 years old, not caring that she is someone’s child. Not caring that he killed her ages ago, when he first took her. He was  the uncle in the city who should have taken care of her, taken her to school but now….

He is yelling and shouting, loud but not too loud. He has too much pride to let the neighbors hear. A big man in society, who has no respect for his two daughters and wife. He calls them names,telling them how worthless they are and the sad thing is they believe it. They are broken inside, but who will believe that his been hurting them, without any physical evidence? So they sob in silence, hearts breaking, spirits crushing…

4386dab6aae342da5c4699f4e6d3458fThese are some of the cases faced by 35% (1 out of 3)of women and girls globally, who experience some form of physical and/or sexual violence. These are some of the 4/10 Kenyan women, according to 2014, Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, who go through the same.

And out of these, less than 40% seek any help of any sort because 50% are being killed by intimate or family members.

The statistics are overwhelming, it calls for us to stop and act.

We could go on, on how alcohol is a huge factor in violence against women and girls.

We could go on, on how sickening and saddening the state of the problem is. But we know that you know.

So its time for all- women and men, boys and girls, to unite and stop violence against women!



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