niko cool still
niko cool still

Once again, SCAD brings you Artbeat, the annual arts challenge for Kenyan youth in high schools. As usual, we have five categories-Music/Rap, Creative Writing (essays), Artwork, Spoken Word and Dance. We are introducing new measures and conditions in 2015, which are compulsory unless stated otherwise
Important things to note

  1. The theme, date and location for the 2015 contest is as follows
    Theme- niko cool still
    Date – 6th June 2015
    Location – Catholic University of East Africa
  2. Artbeat will be coordinated in two phases
    a) Phase One
    Schools are invited to be part of the contest. After accepting the invitation, SCAD clubs will open the competition to the whole school, allowing those who can to participate. Once schools reopen, the patrons will lead a process of selecting the best items to represent the school during the Artbeat Grande finale on June 6th at CUEA. SCAD will organize a mini gala in each school who agrees to it
    b) Phase two
    After the mini galas in the different schools, SCAD will invite participating schools for the Grande Finale and Awarding ceremony on June 6th. On this day, students will perform in music/rap, spoken word and dance will perform and be judged on the spot. Eventually, the best schools and students in each category will be awarded. The school with the most overall score will win the Utamaduni Trophy

Each school shall have a maximum of ten items as follows; 4 essays, 3 pieces of Artwork, 1 dance, 1 spoken word and 1 music/rap
 All essays will be submitted by email to both and
 Essays should be no more than 1 page of an A4 sized paper i.e. one side of the foolscap

Music/rap and Spoken Word shouldn’t be more than three (3) minutes long, but can be less. They can be performed by individuals or groups of a maximum or three for music/rap and two for Spoken Word
Dance should be three minutes or less, and only groups of between three to ten people will be accepted
PLEASE NOTE; Video submissions of music/rap, spoken word and dance can be done via WhatsApp to 0722971672. It is not a mandatory condition for participation, but very advisable.
Artwork/Drawings will be either individual work or of a maximum of three members for a group. The articles will be collected by SCAD from the various schools.


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