For any community worker, interacting with their target, and sharing knowledge and experience is one of the most fulfilling things. When the interaction leads to a positive change of life, especially for their target, the heavens open and smile. The core mandate of every community worker is promotion of social change and development, cohesion and the empowerment and liberation of people. Should any of these take place, even in the tiniest bit, then their work is partly done.
Over the last six months, SCAD Project Assistants have been out in the field, interacting with adolescent youth in Kajiado North Sub County. They have scoured and traversed the vast area, and will be sharing with some insights into what really it is like to be in this profession. That’s at a later date though. For now, let’s focus on an activity or two we are planning for the long holidays.


We have equipped youth with information and skills on prevention of alcohol and substance abuse. We’ve gone ahead and charged them to conduct anti-drug activities within their schools. these are in the planning phase in the different schools. one of the key activities SCAD clubs are currently implementing are debates, simply called The Debate.
Simply put, The Debate is an activity for schools to debate about issues affecting the Kenyan adolescent teen; alcohol and substance abuse, role of arts and recreation activities in substance abuse prevention and healthy behaviours. Through The Debate, we are able to get their input and thoughts on how these and other such like issues can be handled and best strategies and interventions to curb negative vices.
SCAD is hosting a holiday edition of The Debate, in the month of November. Targeting university and high schools students, the activity will focus mainly on alcohol and how to tackle the menace amongst the youth. We will seek to; through the debate raise concern over the problems caused by alcohol consumption and how to address that. Ultimately, it is aimed at exploring alternatives to reducing alcohol consumption amongst the youth.

Talent search

Through Artbeat, SCAD has employed arts talents as a tool against alcohol and substance abuse; engaging youth in producing works of art, and empowering them on how to manage it, alongside the resources and pressure that come with artistic talent This time round, we are doing things a bit differently.
SCAD will be partnering with one of the local churches in Kajiado area to host a talent search contest. The activity mainly targets youth whether in or out of school. The nitty-gritties of this activity shall be communicated in due time. Should you want to join us though, get in touch via FACEBOOK or email


Yes we work with recovering addicts from time to time. Yes we engage them in communicating to our target group the real danger of alcohol and substance abuse. And yes, we also join them while under medication, for a feel of what it is like to be rehabilitated. We also help with their daily chores and procedures at rehabilitation facilities.

This December holiday, we visit a rehabilitation center near you. Feel free to join us for an experience like no other.

Children’s home

Children are the joy of the world. They light up homes and faces. They make us cry and feel like being kids once again; to know what it feels like not to have a care in the world. They inspire us to be better people, to look at the world differently.

We joined a number of kids for the International day for the girl Child in October9 provide link). We are once again joining them, to give back and show them some love. Call it early Christmas if you like. We will be visiting a children’s home this coming December for a day of fun, laughter and sharing whatever little we have with them. Feel like joining us? Then get in touch through FACEBOOK or email or


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