“Your honour, I wish to call upon my third and final witness” the advocate bellowed, summoning the witness to the dock. After taking an oath, he prodded. Please tell this court what happened on that night of the promenade concert. So the witness started;
“It was on Friday last week at 6pm when my boyfriend came to pick me from home. Since my parents were at home and I ha not informed them I was going out, I sneaked out through the window. I put pillows on my bed and covered them with a blanket so that they wouldn’t notice was gone.
We drove away as fast as we could, reaching the prom at around 8pm. The music in the hall was deafening, though awesome and played by Dj “Satan”. At first, we danced like rock star till I could not feel my feet. I was dead tired so I decided to sit down for a moment. Nick, my boyfriend brought me a drink which I took since I trusted him. After a while, I was going bizarre and could not control myself. I kept dancing like a crazy moron and people were cheering . I could not just stop myself from dancing. I mean the feeling was just incredible.
I cannot remember anything else after that other than finding myself in the hospital. When the doctor told me I was gang raped and that I had traces of heroin in my blood, I felt like stabbing myself several times. I wondered how I would face my parents. Nick was my god and I worshipped him and everything he said. This is not a dream or a fairy tale. Even though I knew better, I still found a way to justify myself just because I wanted people to think I was the cool girl with the cute boyfriend. I joined him in evil and the outcome was lethal. Trust me; it is better to be struck in the head with a hot iron needle, so take care my friends before care takes care of you.”
“Will the witness please rise and take her seat” the advocate bellowed once more. This case brings misery for those who speak so casually. Your body is a snitch, ready to rat you out on account, faster than you can twitch and this jury does not miss. Justice should prevail your honours and the accused should be caught on hidden camera and this is not a scam. Tell me what you will say when the scale begins to weigh and the judge calls on your name. all the teenagers out there, I advice you to abstain from all sorts of evil. Your honour, with this I rest my case! Thank you”


Maryama Mohamud
State House Girls School



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