STORY OF MY LIFE Winning Essay, Artbeat 2014

“When you were born, you cried and people around you smiled. A bundle of joy you were. Live your life that when you die people around you will mourn you for a life well lived.” These were the words of my mother and father that I vowed to fulfill ever since I was a child.
Like any other child I joined pre-school which marked the beginning of the long journey of education. My parents were well off and so I had almost everything I wanted. Time flew and soon, 18 years later, I graduated with masters in Economics. It seemed lady luck was on my side since one month after; I secured a job as an entrepreneur for a local company. Life was so good. Greatness and success were what I was on the brink of. However, the next few years taught me a lesson that also inspired others.
My next few years were a complete illustration of the old adage, ‘All that glitters is not gold.’ I got involved with a fellow workmate, Martin Njagi, in whom I thought I had found true love. There was something about him. It was as if he had a great and dangerous power over me that held me to him. I was always at his beck and call. Slowly, I was losing myself and no one could tell me anything. I was away from my parents and lived alone. Martin was all I seemed to care about. People could say that I was blinded with love, but it was- as I came to realize later on- only lust.
My small world of humility and principles no longer existed as I was lost in Martin’s world of sheer luxury. He was a drug addict and a drug dealer. That did not bother me, in fact it was my least worry. Several times when we were out partying from one club to the other, he would try coax me into taking drugs and indulging in sexual immorality. However, it really took me a lot of courage and strength to deny his requests. It took only a gift of chocolates he gave me in a night club, one cold night, and I did all he wanted me to do.
Loud booming music, shuffling of feet, a room with pink walls, a drip, Intensive Care Unit label… that was what I last saw of the series of events that took place before I passed out. After what seemed like days of being lost in a deep dark abyss, I tried to open my eyes and I winced in pain. A doctor in turquoise lab coat was standing beside the bed checking on the machines as he scrawled what I thought to be notes on a small note book. I was still in the Intensive Care Unit.
As if he knew I was watching him, he started talking in a low husky serious voice, “We found traces of cocaine in your blood. You were also so drunk when you were rushed here, half dead! That could have killed you…” I did not pay attention any more. Those words drilled enough sense into my little head. Something had to be done.
After recuperating, I was lucky I still had my job and so I went back to work. Martin was taken to rehab and all I felt for him was disgust and remorse. I told people my story and it was such a delight to see people change because of me. I wanted no one to go through the same situation. I had hoped to save a soul or a few souls out there; that was my mission that is still on, up to date


Kaitlyn Elavaza

State House Girls High School

Copyright © Artbeat


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