Girls’ Empowerment

Today, the world has 1.1 billion girls, most of who face numerous challenges; civil and sexual violence, unequal socio-economic and political opportunities, substance use, mental health, early pregnancy and marriage among others. Despite remarkable improvements in reducing these issues, more needs to be done. Investing in interventions that remedy the situation is essential. Students Campaign... Continue Reading →


See the winners of the 2017 Artbeat (art and essay) Project

The 2017 Art and Essay project instigated students to creatively talk to all duty bearers, to challenge them to show care and concern to their desire and aspirations for healthy living, for sobriety. We provoked them to ask adults to listen, to give them space and time to express themselves artistically. That substance use is... Continue Reading →

Tackling FGM

Through education for awareness and skill building, more people will know teh harms of FGM on victims. They will learn to respect the rights of every female in and around their lives.   Counseling will also help survivors safely transition through teh experience


How time flies! It seems like just the other day, when 2016 began, and now its 1st December.Today is a day we get a chance to stand with an estimated 34 million people who have a virus, that has killed 35 Million people, since 1984. These numbers represent whole populations of some countries. Think about... Continue Reading →


What is Dementia?( I am sure if i asked what is Alcohol, i would have gotten an overwhelming number of responses) Anyway, back to dementia, the dictionary meaning of dementia is a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders,personality changes and impaired reasoning.... Continue Reading →

Happy Seasons……..

That time of the year again, when we get to meet old fiends, family and relatives. a time when we catch up on the past year over a steak of nyama or plate of mboga for the vegetarians. It is a time to share with loved ones and strangers alike, time to love one another... Continue Reading →

More than 1200 of high school students gathered at the Catholic University in May for the annual Artbeat Awarding Ceremony

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